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Hello My Strange & Charmed Ones!

It’s been a minute since we last spoke, hasn’t it!?! As some of you may already know, the last month has been absolutely crazy for me because my husband and I bought our first home and moved into it, which was a massive undertaking that left me a little overwhelmed and kept me away from my work (and phone and computer!) to a degree that I never expected. Well, good news! Things are finally starting to settle down for us, although we have much work ahead of us, I do plan to get back into the groove of blogging and working come August and I hope that I can knock it out of the park with some great new content that you’ll enjoy! One thing I didn’t want to forget, however, was your monthly free downloads, so I am stopping by today to give you an update that they are ready for you to download over at The Charmed Shop! I’ve got your August Dashboard, a 30 Strategies to Make You More Productivity task list and of course, some beautiful August calendar tech wallpapers!

FREE August 2016 Tech Wallpapers

I have to admit, it’s been very weird for me not working much or interacting with you for the past month, so I would really appreciate it if you guys sent me some love and inspiration over on Instagram! Feel free to snap a pic of your inserts or wallpapers in use in your life and tag me @MissTrenchcoat so I can be inspired by your creativity.

Thank you all so much for your never ending love and encouragement, it really means so much to me, and thank you to all those who sent me messages and well wishes during my absence! Your kindness is so deeply appreciated!



My Essential Oil Productivity Secret Weapon

My Essential Oil Productivity Secret Weapon

My Essential Oil Productivity Secret Weapon

It’s no secret that I love and use essential oils on a regular basis to help me manage my mood and my productivity. For some, the topic of essential oils falls into the woo-woo category, it’s not actionable strategy, it isn’t a true productivity tool that can aid you in staying organized or remaining on task. For some, the concept of aromatherapy is on par with inspirational quotes and meditation, and that’s fine. But I’m here to tell you today that I don’t care how woo-woo it seems to use essential oils, I know that the affects of aromatherapy have drastically helped me improve my life and I want to share with you my number one essential oil secret weapon that does help me increase my productivity!

If you are someone who has a hard time waking up in the morning. If you are someone who looses focus throughout the workday or falls into the afternoon slump where you just want to take a nap. THIS SECRET WEAPON IS FOR YOU! Anytime I use it, my mood instantly turns to one of action and empowerment, and it seriously helps me boost my productivity for the day.

Let me tell you a little story!

Back in April, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at a planner convention in Atlanta. I flew in for the event, met up with a great bunch of girls and we spent the evening before the event dining and having fun. I admittedly enjoyed myself a little too much, stayed up past midnight and had one too many drinks. My friends were slightly concerned that I may not wake up in the morning on time for our event, but I told them I would be there on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed!

The next morning, when my alarm went off at 6am, I immediately grabbed my secret weapon essential oil, sat in silence with it for about ten minutes breathing it in and waking myself up for the day. After that I drank down a bottle of water, got dressed and headed to the event. I was one of the first to arrive and I was on my feet for a solid 8-10 hours that day full of energy, no caffeine required. All the girls thought I was some sort of wonder woman and wanted to know my secret weapon, which I gleefully shared with them. It gave me the energy and focus to push past exhaustion and a hangover to put my best effort into the day ahead.

So, you’re probably wondering, what is this secret weapon? I’ll tell you…

Doterra Elevation Joyful Blend Essential Oil

Let me just take a moment to explain, this isn’t an advertisement or promotional post, I am not being paid to talk about this oil- it’s just seriously a tool in my arsenal that I use to get me up and at em when I need that extra lift. Some people turn to coffee, and I definitely do on a regular basis, but coffee doesn’t always sustain my energy and can leave me feeling even more tired once it’s affects wear off. Some people swear by pills or energy drinks, again, we are talking artificial chemicals or sweeteners and not our bodies own natural resources. When I take a few minutes to sit calmly and breathe in the scent of Doterra Elevation, I am stimulating energy resources inside myself. I’m not adding sugar or chemicals or addictive substances to my body, I’m flipping a switch inside myself that turns on my own juice!

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, what’s inside this Elevation Oil and how do I use it?

The elevation oil is a blend of floral, sweet and citrus to uplift your mind and produce energy. It’s ingredients include: Lavandin Flower, Lavender Flower, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Tangerine Peel, Melissa Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Elemi Resin, Osmanthus Flower, and Lemon Myrtle Leaf essential oils.

I like to use this oil a few different ways.

  1.  In the morning when I wake up, I like to sit quietly crossed legged, open the oil and keep it to my nose as I breath deeply in and out for a few moments. I will personally tie this to a gratitude or meditation practice where I am breathing the oil and thinking my positive, calming thoughts for the day at the same time.
  2. During the workday I will either diffuse a few drops of the oil in my office space OR I will rub it onto my wrists so I can keep the scent lingering around me as I work. You could also add a few drops to your favorite hand lotion if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by scented oils.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways you can use the oil, but it’s the way I use it on a daily basis. I sincerely love this oil and consider it my number one productivity secret weapon for a reason- it really does help me to naturally elevate my mindset and promote productivity when I’m loosing focus! Definitely give it a try today, here is a link where you can purchase the oil if you are curious! If you use Elevation yourself or would like to recommend any other oils to me, I’d love for you to tell me about it in the comments.



5 Reasons Snapchat isn’t Just for Teenagers Anymore

5 Reasons Snapchat isn't just for teenagers anymore

5 Reasons Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers anymore

Are you using Snapchat yet? Although I have had my Snapchat account for a while, it wasn’t until a little earlier this year that I really got into the platform. For a while, I, like everyone else, thought it was just a fad app for teenagers. That is what it seemed like, but now a few years and a bunch of hype later, the platform really seems to be exploding and you’d be surprised that it’s really shaping up to be a valuable entertainment and community building platform for adults and businesses alike. So, today I want to share with you the 5 reasons Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers anymore, and share some of my insights for why this platform is so popular and fun for businesses and adult users as well!

It’s like instant vlogging

Vlogging has seriously grown in popularity in the last few years thanks to YouTubers who took the concept of “follow me around” videos and turned it into it’s own genre of reality tv. But for as long as their has been vlogging, there have also been the struggle of vloggers to produce engaging content about their daily life quickly and easily. A whole sub market of goods has been developing to help people vlog, from selfie sticks to cameras with front facing LCD screens- vlogging is hard work and vloggers are always searching for new technology to make it easier. Well, enter Snapchat! A platform that gives you the ability to quickly capture video and images in real time to share with your following. It’s like the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes and for me personally, that is what I use snapchat for myself. I am not a daily vlogger, but with Snapchat, I can easily share snippets of my daily life with my followers. And more and more, the people I choose to watch on the platform are people who do the same!

Follow MissTrenchcoat on Snapchat!

Real time updates mean you can promote organically in real time

It terms of running a business, snapchat is also a great way to promote to your audience in real time. One of the most inauthentic parts of running a business and doing promotions is certainly the fact that everything needs to be done “ahead of time.” Promotions are prepackaged, emails are scheduled, posts are queued up. Nothing is left for that organic, in the moment reaction. Unless you use Snapchat! By building a following on Snapchat, you can tap into more organic promotion by sharing things as they happen in real time and optimizing your content for real life events. And since the content on the platform is on a timer, you can do things like run flash sales for a short window of time and by the time the promotion expires, so has your content!

Everyone from celebrities, to entrepreneurs to your favorite brands are using it

I remember back in 2014 when I first signed up for Snapchat myself, and even before that, the joke was that Snapchat was for teenagers to text each other funny/naughty/controversial things without the content being permanently out there for everyone to see or archived in some dark part of the internet to creep back up later and bite you in the butt! But now, it’s a fun platform where not only adults are enjoying and sharing, but we also see a variety of celebrities, entrepreneurs and brands active on the platform as well.

It gives your community personal access to you in a controlled environment

One of the things I love about Snapchat from a business standpoint is how it gives my audience instant access to me without me feeling like I’m putting too much information out there. My audience can send me snaps and ask me questions very easily through the app and get personal messages back from me that are part of a private conversation between the two of us. It’s easier than email because you are able to send just a short message or quick picture if you please, it’s better than twitter if you want to keep your conversation private, and it’s simpler than Facebook messaging because you don’t have to go through that whole platform to use it! I also like the fact that I can see who has viewed my snaps and who has taken a screenshot of them. It makes the whole process more transparent but also creates a private environment at the same time.

It’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it

Snapchat is a relatively easy platform to learn, as it really only allows you to do a few specific things. If you are interested in learning the platform for yourself, I created a whole video demonstration walking you through how to use the app if you are a beginner. Check that out below and make sure to follow me on Snapchat, my username is MissTrenchcoat of course!

So, will you be joining me on Snapchat or have you already joined the platform? I’d love to hear your experience with the app and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!



Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

Happy 4th of July Friends! Since most people in the United States have today off, I thought instead of my normal blog post, I would share some beautiful images I captured during a visit to Society Hill in Philadelphia. As some of you may know, I do currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but a few years ago I lived in a studio apartment in Society Hill Philadelphia, one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city filled with cobblestone streets and beautiful brick architecture dating back from the birth of our nation! I hope you enjoy these images of the city I love!

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

As I said, the Society Hill Headhouse Square area of Philadelphia was once my home and has a very special place in my heart!

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

My husband proposed to me under this historic building and gathering place in the middle of a snowstorm!

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

The architecture in this area of the city is a beautiful mix of classical and colonial.


The homes are all beautiful brick, with brick sidewalks on cobblestone tree-lined streets. A haven in this busy city.

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

On the weekends, horse drawn carriage tours are a regular sight.

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

As are early American flags!

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

And our more traditional American Flags are abundant as well!

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

This breathtaking area of the city is truly Americana at it’s finest.

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

Blue doors and stunning green ivy,

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

Paired with unexpected whimsy!

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

There is certainly nothing better than exploring this sleepy neighborhood of the city,

Happy 4th of July from the Birthplace of the Nation

and taking a moment to let your surroundings take you back to the birth of the nation!



Entrepreneurial: Half Way There!

My Monthly Entrepreneurial Journal for June 2016

iPhone Case via Amazon

Welcome back for another installment of Entrepreneurial, my monthly journal entry chronicling my experience as an entrepreneur, my victories and failures each month, and the lessons learned along the way.

Half Way There!

It’s official Mid-Year and as an Entrepreneur or fellow business owner, we have a few housekeeping things to get in order! I find that now is the best time to take a moment to reflect on your business, projects and progress so far this year and make any necessary adjustments. In life and in business, I think too few of us try to push on and finish what we have started, even when its not working for us, and it takes a lot of courage to really stop and evaluate your progress to make sure you are still on the right track. For this installment of Entrepreneurial, I want to focus on getting your life and business tidy for the second half of the year!

The Mid-Year To Do List!

  1. The first thing you need to do right now as a business owner is go ahead and perform a Quarterly Business Review. If you forget the process, I have a whole video on the subject you can watch and follow along with your own review here!
  2. Take time to do a massive brain dump! I know you have too much on your mind right now, so give yourself a mental break and do a brain dump. If you aren’t sure of the process, here is a video I made on the subject for you to watch, and here is a link to a freebie in my shop- my Business Incompletion Triggers List! It’s great for helping you unload all those thoughts and plans that are leaving a permanent mark on your brain!
  3. Take time to Refresh and Review your life as well as your business! I recently announced my July free printable task list which is a Mid-Year Refresh and Review with 31 things to do in July to get your life in order and on track now that we are half way through the year. Go through this list and make sure to get yourself reset for the second half of 2016!

My June Highlight Reel!

  • If you haven’t heard yet, my husband and I are closing on our first home! It’s a very exciting time for us and I am looking forward to all the changes this summer is going to bring to our life.
  • I recently announced that I am taking a break from YouTube for the next few weeks to prepare for those major life changes that come with home ownership. If you want to hear more about it- watch this video.
  • I finally signed up for Edgar! If you haven’t heard about this wonderful content promotion tool, definitely check it out because it’s making my job and my assistant’s job, so much easier!
  • I’ve changed my planner up a bit and am moving away from my spiral planner that I DIY’d last year and back into a fully discbound system. What can I say? I’m digging the discs. I hope to be able to share the new set up upon my return to YouTube.

Okay, well, that is my update for June! If you are feeling blue about my YouTube break, don’t forget to follow me on SnapChat, my handle there is MissTrenchcoat and I try to snap most days sharing bits of my life and behind the scenes. I’d love for you to follow along with me there for my summer adventures!



Preventing Burnout, Perfecting Emails & Creating Compelling Content!

June Link Roundup!

It’s link roundup time! Check out some of these articles for some personal development, productivity and business inspiration!

Personal Development



I hope you enjoyed these articles and if you have any others that you think I would enjoy, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or tweet me the link @MissTrenchcoat!



Time for a Mid-Year Refresh & Review! {Freebies!}

Mid Year Refresh and Review Printable

Who’s ready for a Mid-Year Refresh & Review? July is right around the corner and with half of the year behind us, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and reflect on everything we have accomplished so far and what we still hope to accomplish before the year ends. So, to help you with this process, my Free monthly task list for July is centered around 31 things you can do to get a fresh start at this mid year mark and get yourself into a positive mindset to tackle everything else left on the to do list for the year! Of course, like always, I also have a new July Dashboard as well, so if you would like to download these freebies for the month of July click here and you can download them from my shop!

My July Sunnies Out Free Tech Wallpapers

Of course, your planner isn’t the only accessory that gets to have all the fun this month, so make sure to check out my new July “Sunnies Out” Tech Wallpapers to give your computer, tablet or smartphone some summer inspired digs for the month! Click here to access my free wallpapers over on my shop as well!

I hope you the first half of 2016 has been good to you, and I wish you the best of luck with your Mid-Year Refresh & Review! If you do download these inserts or wallpapers, make sure to share about them on social media. I love when I see your photos on Instagram sharing how you are using and loving your monthly freebies, so make sure to use #CharmedGTD if you post a picture on Instagram or Twitter, and feel free to tag me @MissTrenchcoat as well so I can see you photos and give them a big heart 😉



Empire Building is on Sale!

Empire Building, my online business marketing program, is on sale for a limited time!

Empire Building is on Sale!

Are you ready to join Empire Building?

If you didn’t make it to my Free Live Webinar yesterday, you might have missed the news that my Empire Building Online Business Program is currently on sale through the end of the month! If you have been interested in the program, now is the perfect time to invest and get started because although Empire Building is available all year round, I rarely drop the price, but with summer break upon us, I thought this was the perfect time to give you all a little entrepreneurial kick in the butt. If you have been waiting to start your #sidehustle or make real progress on creating your own dream job, I’m here to tell you you’ll regret not starting TODAY! With Empire Building, you get a self-paced online business building program that teaches you everything you need to know to market your brand or business online, whether you want to become a professional blogger, start a serviced based business or even run an online shop! Empire Building is all about giving you the strategies and resources that you need to get your business up and running quickly and PROFITABLY! If this interests you, click here to read the details of the program!

Are you ready to start building your own dream job?

Of course, if you have any questions about what is included in the program or if Empire Building is the right approach for you, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to review your specific situation to see if you are a fit for my program. But if you’re ready to get started, take advantage of my sale pricing before it expires! Can’t wait to work with you inside the program!



How to Find Focus as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

If you're a creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur, you know how hard it can be to focus on one project at a time! This simple strategy is how I find focus when my creativity is running wild!

How to Find Focus as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Today I want to talk to you about finding focus as a multi-passionate entrepreneur because this is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. I do consider myself to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’m someone who enjoys a wide variety of different creative endeavors and strives to fold them all together into my business. Things from writing and blogging to photography or videography and designing. There are so many different things I’m passionate about and I’ve been lucky enough to figure out a way to pull those all together into one business. Now this is also a really important topic to me because within my Empire Building Online Business Program, I work with a lot of business owners who consider themselves to be multi-passionate entrepreneurs as well. They’re either in a stage of business where they’re trying to start their business or they’ve already begun their business and they’re trying to figure out the next step, but because they’re multi-passionate and they have all these great ideas and creative visions, they have a hard time focusing on what they need to work on next. So, this is something that I deal with personally on a day-to-day basis. Not just by myself but with my clients as well. So, today I want to share a strategy that I use and recommend for anyone looking to find focus and who considers themselves to be a creative multi-passionate individual!

The first thing I want you to do if you are someone who has a lot of different ideas and you’re trying to determine what to work on first is to go ahead and write down all those ideas. Once you’ve written them all down I want you to go one step further and I want you to write down all the tasks and actions you currently have that pertain to that idea or to that product/project you want to create. Whatever this new endeavor is, I want you to write everything out that you already have thought about. All the plans don’t have to be solidified, they don’t have to be things you know you want to do, just ideas you’ve had that pertain to this concept. I want you to get it all out of your head and onto paper so we can sort through it.

Now, while you are writing out this list of ideas and putting together supporting ideas that will go with it, I want you to make sure you pay attention to two things. I want you to be able to identify why it is that you are interested in this project or in this concept specifically, and I want you to identify what your goals are for this project. What is it going to bring to your business? What is it going to do for you? Is this a new revenue opportunity? Is this a new promotional opportunity? How does this fit into your business? You need to be able to identify those two things- why is it something that is interesting to you and how does it fit in your business! These are very important questions that you’re going to want to answer because I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had an idea, rushed into working on it, didn’t ask myself the big-picture questions ahead of time, and by the time all the work was done I looked at the project I was working on and said to myself ‘I don’t actually think that this belongs in my business, I don’t really see where this fits.” It was just something that was exciting and I wanted to act on immediately, but I really didn’t think it through. I didn’t think about it’s place in my business and why it was important to me, so you want to make sure you have those two points clearly outlined for each of the projects that are currently vying for your attention.

The next thing I want you to do is take each one of those projects and rank them based on some very specific criteria. Number one, I want you to rank them based on which idea is the most fully formed. So what idea actually seems like you’ve been able to work through a lot of it already- which of these ideas do you think is the most fully formed and seems like a viable option? Number two, I want you to rank each idea based on which will be the easiest to execute on. Which idea has a quick turnaround time or you know needs the least amount of work? What idea can you get up and running quickly? I want you to go and think about that and rank your ideas based on this criteria as well. Now, the third and final criterial I want you to rank each idea for is how profitable or how easy it would be for you to generate income from this idea. Is this idea a new revenue source or just something promotional? The easier it is to make money from your idea, the higher up the rank it should be!

Once you have your ideas ranked by these three criteria, I want you to start identifying which ones seem to be the best ideas based on how you’ve ranked them. You’ll probably have some on your list that float to the top as good ideas, and then you will have some that fall to the bottom as less practical. Once you have eliminated the less practical ideas, and hopefully your list is down to a few solid contenders, do a gut check and determine which idea feels right for you to work on. Remember, you could theoretically have a page full of great ideas, but the point of this exercise isn’t to deter you from good ideas, rather, the point is to help you choose where to focus your time and energy next. You can always come back to this list and work on the next project once your first idea is complete, but the point is to find a single idea to focus on and complete because we can only do one thing at a time!

If running a focused business that draws on your strengths as a multi-passionate entrepreneur is a priority to you, I want to let you know about my upcoming Free Webinar on My 5 Pillar System for Building a Successful Online Business. I’ll be sharing the strategies I personally use as part of my Empire Building Online Business Program and giving you insights you can use immediately to start building your brand online. PLUS, I’ll be sharing a special limited timed offer for those of you interested in joining me in Empire Building, so you won’t want to miss this event!  

The 5 Pillar System to Building a Successful Online Business

Click here to reserve your spot for this informative FREE Live Webinar Training and to also access the replay and downloads! Hope to see you there live!



7 Foolproof Strategies for Growing a Follow on Any Platform

These 7 Strategies will help you establish and grow a following on ANY online platform!

7 Foolproof Strategies for Growing a Follow on Any Platform

There are a lot of platforms online these days and as much as I know it would be popular to teach in-depth on each one and exploit the secrets to grow a following with it, after evaluating many different platforms, I understand the real secret is that growing a following on any platform involves the exact same strategies.  Yep! Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are not specific secrets for each individual platform, if you want to grow a following on Twitter, it’s the same as growing a following on Instagram or YouTube or Tumbler! And the reason is clear, because people are the same no matter which platform they are using. Fundamentally speaking, the same things that draw attention, spark curiosity, and precipitate loyalty on one platform will work for them all, because they draw on human nature. So, today I’m going to share with you the seven foolproof strategies for growing your following on any platform so you can get to work growing a following on the platform of your choosing!

#1. Get clear on your branding and messaging

Whenever you start with an online platform, its important that you have your branding and messaging worked out to inform the types of content you will be sharing or creating on that platform as well as the specific audience you will be trying to attract. If you have a business or personal brand outside of this platform and this is going to be an extension of it, you will use that. If you don’t have anything else going on and this is going to be a fresh start, spend some time understanding what your goals are for the platforms, what you are trying to accomplish, why you want to accomplish it and how you plan to accomplish it. In terms of messaging, keep it simple. Have a clear, easy to understand purpose that you demonstrate through your content.

#2. Learn how to properly use the platform

You can’t expect to grow a following on a platform if you are using it wrong. That is to say, you are using it in a way that’s a departure from what people usually expect of that platform. Do your research, find out how the platform is used and then check out some of your favorite personalities or brands on the platform. Often times big brands or notable personalities are at the forefront of innovation for a platform, so check out what other big timers are doing and learn from their example what works and what doesn’t.

#3. Determine your perfect balance of content curation vs content creation

When it comes to most platforms, the content you share will either be your original work or content you have shared from others, which is commonly known as curated content. On most platforms, users will balance content curation and content creation, but their is no magic formula for a perfect balance. Some users have accounts that are all original, some have all curated and many mix both. Find what you are comfortable with and try to stick to it!

#4. Get on a consistent posting schedule

Speaking of sticking to what you are comfortable with, the same goes for your posting schedule. Unfortunately, there are no foolproof rules for when to post content to a specific platform for significant success. Yes, you can look up popular posting times and stick to those, but it doesn’t seem to make a significant difference for most people. What does make a difference however, is defining your posting schedule, the precise days and times you will be posting, and sticking to that consistently. Consistency breeds loyalty on all platforms, and the more loyal followers you have, the faster you will grow!

#5. Cater to a community on the platform

Although it’s great to be a niche brand, even the most unique are still a subset of some larger community online. Make sure you know what community your brand belongs to, and keep up with that community in terms of the trends in how they use the platform and by following or engaging with people in that community regularly. No need to become a copy or start obsessively following the trends, but understanding where your greater community is headed is a great way to stay on the same page with them, and if you can find a way to work the trends into your content in a way that’s natural to you- the more success you will have!

#6. Interact with others on the platform

On any platform, interaction will garner you respect a favor among your followers. Just like consistency, interaction, by replying to comments and also engaging independently with others in your community, will help to build loyalty. The best way to do this is to have a genuine interest in the platform you are using and to go to it, not just to post content but to also consume the content of others. When you really enjoy a platform and use it regularly, it shows, and your following will grow the more you go out and engage!

#7. Make sure your content is valuable

When it comes down to it, people will follow you on a platform if your content is valuable to them. Meaning that it gives them something they want, like information, inspiration, or entertainment. All valuable content online can be boiled down to one of those three buckets (information, inspiration or entertainment) and as long as you are sharing content that either gives people information they are looking for, makes them feel good or keeps them entertained, your following will grow!

Guess what? If you enjoyed this post, I bet you know someone else who will as well. Go ahead and let’s start acting on these strategies by doing some content curation by sharing this post on one of your platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment down below and let me know which strategy you struggle with the most!



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