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Just because we are interacting through a glass screen on the internet doesn’t mean we don’t need real person to person contact! Please feel free to contact us via the comments, email or social media! We also love being tagged in photos from Twitter or Instagram, so if you see a post you like, take a quick shot and let us see what you are up to! Use the hashtag #StrangeandCharmed or mention @MissTrenchcoat in your message!

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Through the years I have worked with technology and lifestyle brands to provide interesting and original content to my readers! If you are interested in working with Strange & Charmed, please feel free to email us as we are open to business opportunities!

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After blogging and using social media for over half a decade, I have learned a thing or two about writing, designing and producing content for the web! From articles to YouTube videos, if you are interested in developing your blogging, design, internet entrepreneurship and social media skills, @MissTrenchcoat is here to help! Feel free to contact me with your needs and we can work out a plan of action to develop your site & skills to maximize your success online!