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Hello Everyone! My name is Alexis Giostra {aka MissTrenchcoat} and I am the web-mistress, head geek and editor in chief of Strange & Charmed! I am a native of New Jersey, completed my undergrad in Virginia, and have lived in nearly every state in the mid-atlantic region, but I currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

I have been blogging pretty consistently since 2008 and have had multiple iterations of blogs from lifestyle to tech, but early in 2013 I decided that I would roll all my passions into one single blog, Strange & Charmed. Strange & Charmed originated as a bi-monthly magazine that I published for exactly 6 issues before putting it on a permanent sabbatical. You can read old issues of Strange & Charmed Magazine here if you are interested! I am also a YouTube Partner and have been making videos to compliment my written work since about 2009! Feel free to check out my YouTube channel as well!

So, you are probably asking yourself What is Strange & Charmed? S&C is a blog written by and for quirky millennial women who are busting their butts trying to establish their career, a home, and a life they can be proud of! The women I write for are out of the box, interesting types who love the internet, live on social media, and use technology as a means to find information, skills and enjoyment! In a nutshell, we are women who want to have it all and know that we can if we use the benefits of modern technology to our advantage. If you are like me, you may be trying to figure out what your ideal career looks like, the type of personal life you want and the kind of woman you want to become.

Where You’ve Seen Me

In December of 2013, I interviewed Geek Lifestyle Expert & Technology Entrepreneur Chris Pirillo via YouTube!

In January of 2014, I discussed Personal Branding with Jenn Donogh of Young Female Entrepreneurs!

I am currently available for interviews and would love to chat with you about blogging, social media, and content creation! Feel free to shoot me an email for my availability!


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