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January FREE Planner Printables and Tech Wallpapers Are Here!

January 2018 Printable Planner Dashboard

Happy January Charmed Ones!

Well, now that 2018 is finally here I think it’s time we hit the ground running and set ourselves up for success for the month ahead. Of course I am continuing my monthly tradition of creating fun and helpful freebies for your planners and devices. My dashboards are going to continue in the style I designed last year because I LOVE THEM and apparently so do many of you! I am changing my monthly check list just a little by changing up the design. From now on these checklists will come in one size accompanied by instructions for printing them at various popular sizes.

January 2018 FREE Printable Checklist: A Resolution a Day!

The biggest change this year are my tech wallpapers, however, which I am totally redesigning! After a few years of doing the calendar style I decided to switch things up and make them more universal and inspirational with quotes or mantras. So January’s wallpaper says January! Got Goals? I’m sure many of you enjoyed the calendar wallpapers, but I needed a change and I hope you come to enjoy these just as much!

January Got Goals FREE Tech Wallpapers and Backgrounds

So, that’s it for my little update, check out the links down below to grab your monthly freebies!

Wishing you a productive January and 2018 ahead!



Are You On the Nice List?


Happy Monday My Charmed Ones!

I am here today to pull back the curtain, just a tad, on some upcoming plans I have for The Charmed Shop! If you have been eyeing a printable planner, business or productivity tool from my shop, today’s post is for you!

I’m having a Holiday Sale!

That’s right, but it’s not going on… yet! I’m planning a little holiday promotion over Thanksgiving Weekend and there will be some major discounts in the shop PLUS bonus discount codes on some of my best selling planners, classes, courses and more! BUT in order to get access to the bonus discounts, you need to be subscribed to my newsletter because I’ll be sharing those bonus codes with my inner circle.

If you aren’t subscribed yet, I’ll leave a sign up box below for you to add your name to my Nice List! If you are already subscribed and just forgot, you’ll get a notification that asks if you want to change or update your preferences (that means you are all good)!

So get yourself subscribed to be among the first to learn about the awesome offers and discounts I have coming for you in The Charmed Shop, and get exclusive access to bonus discount codes so you can pile on the savings and get your planner and productivity game strong just in time for the New Year!

Add yourself to the list!

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Need Some End of Year Accountability to Hit Your Goals?

If you joined me on Saturday for my 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity Workshop (or caught the replay) you heard all about my new Productivity & Planning Master Mind!
As a quick refresh, The Productivity & Planning Master Mind is a 90 Day Accountability Group PLUS 6 Module Video Course to help you identify and achieve your goals by the end of 2017!

The Master Mind Includes 2 Coaching Options:

OPTION #1: Group Coaching and Accountability within the dedicated Facebook Group PLUS the 6 Module CourseOPTION #2: Private Coaching via 3- 60 minute one on one calls with me PLUS everything included with option #1!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

    • ID your goals and convert them into actionable projects so you are working towards what matters to you
    • A streamlined method for planning accurately and with time to spare
    • Understand your work style and which productivity techniques will help you Work Smarter, Not Harder
    • Overcome bad habits and replace them with routines for a successful life
    • Learn how to overcome set backs and push through daily issues and interference through inspired action
    • Continue your personal growth and skill set building for a long lasting positive change to your quality of life
If you’ve been contemplating the Master Mind, NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN  before the Master Mind begins on October 1st!

If you have any questions or concerns about whether the Master Mind is right for you, don’t hesitate to email me asap and let me know what’s holding you back before this great price and opportunity EXPIRES!

Hope to be working with you soon inside the Master Mind!


The 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity Workshop Replay is Available!

Happy Sunday My Charmed Ones!

First of all I wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for helping to make my latest workshop “The 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity” a success yesterday!

I know we had a little technical difficulty at the start, but we worked through it and the live stream went off without a hitch.

I LOVE doing these sorts of live events with you because it gives me a chance to really go deep on a specific topic in a way I wouldn’t be able to in a standard youtube video, and it was great to hear how informative, helpful and motivating you found the content of the workshop yesterday.

Now, if for some reason you weren’t able to make the live event yesterday,I want to make sure you get the link to the replay so you can watch it before it expires come October 1st.


Don’t forget to CLICK HERE to download the Workbook to accompany the event as well- it’s great for helping you take notes and organize your thoughts as you enjoy the lecture!

I also have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who have signed up to join my latest productivity project…

The Productivity & Planning Master Mind!

To refresh your memory, the Productivity & Planning Master Mind is a 90 Day Accountability Group and 6 Module Video Master Class that I will be hostingLIVE from October-December. I cant wait to get started helping each of you who joined identify your big goals for the end of the year, break them down into a solid plan of action and help you see it all through by New Years!


If you are still thinking about joining the Master Mind, the $100 discount will EXPIRE ON MONDAY EVENING, and then membership to the master mind closes completely at the close of September.

So if you are ready to join the Master Mind…


Or, if you are still on the fence and have specific questions, please SEND ME AN EMAIL and let me know what’s on your mind so we can determine if the Master Mind is the right fit for you!

Thanks again for helping me make yesterdays event such a success and I can’t wait to start helping you achieve your goals for 2017 in our new Master Mind!



Will YOU Be My Accountability Buddy?

I hope you are having a wonderful week and close to your August. 

I’m just popping in today to invite you to join me for my #Fall4Productivity Challenge that begins on September 1st!

#Fall4Productivity is going to be an interactive Instagram Photo-a-Day challenge mixed with giveaways, live streaming events and fun freebies!

After a long summer of fun in the sun, I’m ready to hustle hard for the last four months of the year and I designed this challenge for some personal and community accountability and motivation. Nothing gets me more motivated to work than YOU in my community, so if you are looking for some inspiration to get back to work and start working smarter, not harder this September, THIS IS THE PERFECT CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

Of course, it’s completely FREE and a sure-fire way to get you fired up for Fall Productivity, so…


Hope to have you as one of my accountability buddies this month!


The Only 3 Productivity Tips You Need to Know!

The Only 3 Productivity Tips You Need to Know

The Only 3 Productivity Tips You Need to Know

I talk about productivity a lot- and I share a lot of different tips, techniques, strategies- you name it! For someone just starting out, however, I realize too much information can sometimes be a bad thing, which is why I gave it some thought and narrowed down my top productivity tips to these key 3 things you should do if you want to get more productive. So if you are someone, right now, starting at zero on the productivity scale, meaning you don’t actively think about or pursue ways to increase your productivity, these three tips are going to help you get started working smarter, not harder!

1. Use a Planner

Yep- of course this is my first tip! It doesn’t have to be a paper planner, use whatever system works for you, digital, physical, a filofax, your iPhone calendar. The point is that in order to be productive, you first need to get in the habit of planning. When we use a planner and think about our days, weeks and months ahead of time, we are able to be more effective and efficient with our work. That doesn’t mean all your days will always go according to plan- in fact, they most likely won’t- but having a general idea of what you need to do and have all your plans and ideas mapped out in a system can help you do more of what matters and spend less time on what doesn’t!

2. Set a Daily Top 3

The Daily Top 3 is a productivity concept I love because it’s all about getting focused. Essentially, each day (or evening before) you will choose three things on your to do list that are priority items. These can be items with a deadline, things that need to be accomplished before other sequential tasks or just something important to you personally. You list out these three individual tasks and try to finish all three during the day, the sooner the better! I know we all have more than three things to do in a day, but forcing yourself to choose just three that are priority for a single day forces us to focus in on what really matters and teaches us how to sort through our messy task list for items that will truly impact our days.

3. Create White Space

So this is probably a tip that you would never expect a productivity guru to share with you, especially not in a top three list of the most important strategies but creating white space, essentially planning to do nothing, is too important. When you create white space in your day by setting aside time in your schedule to do nothing, you end up becoming more productive in a few ways. First of all, if you plan for some white space in your day and you have tasks that end up taking longer than expected, that white space can be used to buffer other items on your list so you don’t end up with tasks that need to be carried over to the next day. Second, studies have shown that people who have free time are more creative and produce better work. Why? Because when you can give yourself time to just do nothing, think and relax, you are able to dive deeper on your thoughts and come up with more creative ideas and solutions for your work. When we are forced to quickly complete a task, we usually rush and create a less than desirable result, but if we had time in our day to think about our work, we can come up with better solutions and better outcomes!

If you enjoyed these tips and would like to learn more about planning and productivity, I highly recommend signing up for my FREE Planner Peace Master Class. This video class will teach you my fundamentals of planning and productivity so you can get started using your planner of choice to organize your life and work smarter, not harder!

I hope these three tips give you a good foundation for productivity in your life. I would love to hear how you are integrating these ideas currently into your daily routine or if you have other must-have productivity tips you think might be more important, I’d love for you to share in the comments!



How to Perform a Mid Year Review?

How to Perform a Mid Year Review

Since we are now at the mid way point of the year, this is the perfect time to perform a Mid Year Review to check up on your progress for the year and ensure you are making headway on your plans and goals. I recently published a video outlining my four step process for performing a mid year review, so I recommend that you check out the video linked below to learn the process and get you motivated and ready to review the first half of your year. I’d also like to outline the four steps below as a quick reference guide for you as you undertake the process for yourself!

Click the video linked above to watch the Mid Year Review Process!

Step #1: Perform a Brain Dump

If you are not already familiar, a brain dump is a process you undertake where you write down all the information, ideas and thoughts you are storing in your mind. Here is a link to a video on how to perform a brain dump if you aren’t sure of the process. The brain dump is step one of the Mid Year Review process because it gives us an opportunity to clear out our mental clutter so that we can use our brain to process information regarding the tasks and plans we will evaluate during the review process.

Step #2: Reconcile Old Tasks

The next step in the mid year review process is to reconcile old tasks, meaning that you should go through your planner for the first half of the year and make sure you have checked off any tasks you have already completed and migrate any incomplete tasks forward. This is an important part of the mid year review process because it gives us an opportunity to see how much we actually accomplished which can be very motivating if you believe you haven’t made as much progress on goals or work you had planned out at the start of the year. This is also helpful because it helps you to see what work you have left to do in order to accomplish goals by the years end.

Step #3: Review Goals and Plans

Next, you are going to want to review the goals and plans you set out at the start of the year to ensure they are still relevant. Often times things change throughout the year, so if you need to remove a goal or change some details of a plan, this is your opportunity to do so. You can also take this time to add new plans that might make more sense to helping you end the year strong if that is what you need to do!

Step #4:  Redefine Your Targets

Once you have reviewed your goals and plans, and perhaps made some necessary changes, its time to redefine targets for those goals. This means you may need to rewrite project plans, change expected targets and redefine certain tasks, but this is an important step to ensuring that you have reasonable expectations for accomplishing the big picture goals and plans you outlined for your year!

If you go through this process and find that you need more help setting goals and outlining project plans, I would highly recommend that you check out my You Got This Master Class! The You Got This Master Class is a video lecture and workbook that outline my goal setting and project planning process in detail and includes numerous activities and worksheets to help you set your goals, define your projects and organize your life so that executing on what matters becomes second nature!


Start the Second Half of the Year Strong with These FREE Planning Supplies

My July Sunnies Out Free Tech Wallpapers

The first half of the year is now coming to a close, so that means your July FREE Planner Printables and Tech Wallpapers are available for download over in my shop!

I hope you had a productive June and I hope these freebies help you work smarter, not harder this coming month!


How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year

How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year

How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year

As many of you may already know, yesterday was my live stream called How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year. If you haven’t heard, today is the start of the Astrological New Year as the New Moon Rises in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. I love New Years, and luckily, there are a few different New Years celebrations throughout the year. You can make a fresh start or set your goals or intentions for your life at any point in the year, no matter what the day or moon phase but I find that if you can pair the positive and refreshing energy of a significant date with your intentions, that can lead to more substantial success. So, that was the heart behind yesterdays stream!

I was joined by my personal astrologist and tarot goddess Madeleine Joan of Written in the Stars and we paired a discussion of practical astrology with productivity. If you haven’t seen the replay yet- I urge you to check it out if you are interested in making a fresh start for the year or if you are interested in some of the more esoteric philosophies of life. The first part of our discussion goes through each zodiac sign and what specific energies the new moon is activating for you, paired with practical productivity strategy. You can use this information to help you set meaningful goals or intentions and help you manifest success for the year ahead! The second part of the video is an open Q&A where Madeleine and I helped some live viewers get some insight and clarity on questions or directions for issues they are struggling with. Now, I realize that watching someone else get an astrology or tarot reading may not seem helpful to you specifically, but I fully believe that the energy of the universe brings us all messages even through the struggles of others. So, if you choose to watch the second half of the video, keep your ears and mind open to receiving messages that resonate to you! If you feel a sense of synchronicity or alignment with a struggles of another, that may very well be the universe sending you a message as well.

I hope you enjoy this video and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the event and if you’d be interested in me doing more content on the topic of energy and manifestation, especially in terms of how we can harness such concepts for our own personal productivity and gain! Leave me a comment below- I’d love to hear your thoughts!


How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year!

How to Manifest a Successful Astrological New Year

It may be March but did you know the astrological New Year is right around the corner? Monday March 27th kicks off the official start of the astrological year with the New Moon in Aries and this is a wonderful time to hit the refresh button on your life and energy if you feel like 2017 just hasn’t quite gotten off on the right foot! So, to help you find success and learn what is in store for you this year, I am hosting a FREE LIVE EVENT called HOW TO MANIFEST A SUCCESSFUL ASTROLOGICAL NEW YEAR with my friend, fellow empire builder and master astrologist, Madeleine Joan of Written in the Stars!

Join us on Sunday March 26th at 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific for a star guided and tarot filled reading to help you maximize your productivity and success this year!

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PRIVATE WATCH PAGE and make sure to bookmark it for the day of the event.

Feel free to invite your friends and share on social media as well via the event link:

Can’t wait to see you all there!



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