Hello My Charmed Ones!

I love working from home, but I have to admit, the single thing I have struggled with the most as an online business owner is the loneliness. For as much as co-workers can be a distraction, I often miss the sense of having someone working alongside me. If you work from home, you’ve likely experienced this yourself, and unless you are an introvert, you may struggle to get yourself motivated to work without the presence of a co-worker.

This is why I created a new video productivity tool to help mitigate this issue for us.

Imagine having me as your personal office buddy and co-worker, silently sitting by your side working away.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Thanks to the power of the internet and video, I can be your virtual co-worker in this 3 Hour Work with Me!

In this video you can work alongside me and listen to a great track of relaxing ambient music with brain power frequencies to help you focus and do your best work.

Use this video as a tool to help you block off time for work and get down to business.

In the video you will see me do some planning and then work on business tasks at the computer. During this session I wrote and scheduled two blog posts, an email, posted to Instagram and performed my weekly accountability for my Productivity Master Mind, all within my 3 hour work session.

You can achieve much in a three hour block of time if you have a clear plan of tasks, the focus to stay on task, and a co-worker who’s silent productivity keeps you motivated to keep going with your work.

So far, the response to this video from my community has been stellar!

“I loved this! I felt like I had someone working with me and keeping me company!” – D G

“This is great. We need a series of them to replay later on. 😃 – Julie Crowley

“This is lovely!!! Thank you for filming this!” – Happy Halloween

“Love the music you chose for this. Thanks for sharing.” – The Ambient Sound

I am beyond pleased that so many of you have watched the video already and are planning to use it as a tool to get work done on a regular basis. You can definitely expect to see more of these types of videos from me with different lengths and music choices to appease a variety of productivity needs and tastes.

Let me know in the comments what work you were able to get done in your session and consider scheduling a 3 hour block to work with me on a regular basis.


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