How to Perform a Mid Year Review?

How to Perform a Mid Year Review

Since we are now at the mid way point of the year, this is the perfect time to perform a Mid Year Review to check up on your progress for the year and ensure you are making headway on your plans and goals. I recently published a video outlining my four step process for performing a mid year review, so I recommend that you check out the video linked below to learn the process and get you motivated and ready to review the first half of your year. I’d also like to outline the four steps below as a quick reference guide for you as you undertake the process for yourself!

Click the video linked above to watch the Mid Year Review Process!

Step #1: Perform a Brain Dump

If you are not already familiar, a brain dump is a process you undertake where you write down all the information, ideas and thoughts you are storing in your mind. Here is a link to a video on how to perform a brain dump if you aren’t sure of the process. The brain dump is step one of the Mid Year Review process because it gives us an opportunity to clear out our mental clutter so that we can use our brain to process information regarding the tasks and plans we will evaluate during the review process.

Step #2: Reconcile Old Tasks

The next step in the mid year review process is to reconcile old tasks, meaning that you should go through your planner for the first half of the year and make sure you have checked off any tasks you have already completed and migrate any incomplete tasks forward. This is an important part of the mid year review process because it gives us an opportunity to see how much we actually accomplished which can be very motivating if you believe you haven’t made as much progress on goals or work you had planned out at the start of the year. This is also helpful because it helps you to see what work you have left to do in order to accomplish goals by the years end.

Step #3: Review Goals and Plans

Next, you are going to want to review the goals and plans you set out at the start of the year to ensure they are still relevant. Often times things change throughout the year, so if you need to remove a goal or change some details of a plan, this is your opportunity to do so. You can also take this time to add new plans that might make more sense to helping you end the year strong if that is what you need to do!

Step #4:  Redefine Your Targets

Once you have reviewed your goals and plans, and perhaps made some necessary changes, its time to redefine targets for those goals. This means you may need to rewrite project plans, change expected targets and redefine certain tasks, but this is an important step to ensuring that you have reasonable expectations for accomplishing the big picture goals and plans you outlined for your year!

If you go through this process and find that you need more help setting goals and outlining project plans, I would highly recommend that you check out my You Got This Master Class! The You Got This Master Class is a video lecture and workbook that outline my goal setting and project planning process in detail and includes numerous activities and worksheets to help you set your goals, define your projects and organize your life so that executing on what matters becomes second nature!


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