Setting Up My New Home Office

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Setting Up My New Home Office

Lately, I’ve been getting many questions from my community about sharing an updated home office tour. Although I do have this video on my “to film” list, to be completely transparent, the reason I have NOT filmed that video yet is because I’m not happy with my set up right now. Since my move last summer, I’ve been managing in my new larger home office with the furniture I had previously used, but I really want to upgrade a few things to make up for the increase in space. The image above is essentially my office- or at least half of it. The other half is pretty much empty except for a vintage storage unit that I refinished a few weeks back.

Remember, my home office went from about 70 square feet to 200 square feet, and the orientation of the room has also changed, but for now I am making due with what I have. I know I need a larger desk, for example because my current desk, while very pretty, is just too small for the room and for my needs. I have my feelers out for a larger, more antique or vintage style piece that would be more of a focal point in the room. I would love to buy something second hand and refinish it as I did the hutch unit, but, as with vintage pieces, nothing happens overnight.

Now, I do still get quite a few questions about my existing furniture, so I am going to link down below my last home office tour. Pretty much everything I use is the same from this last video so if you are looking for my desk or my credenza- this video will show you a closer look and give you some details where you can find them!

Strange & Charmed HQ Office Tour

I hope that this helps those of you looking for answers, for now! I do intend to one day film a full office tour, but not until I feel pleased with the room, which I am sure you can all understand!


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1 comment on Setting Up My New Home Office

  1. tina
    April 1, 2017 at 12:07 pm (11 months ago)

    I love this room! Black white striped is my favorite, its my dream office. One day I will create my own. Your an inspiration thank you!


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