How to Manifest Your Goals with Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Goals In Your Planner Using Law of Attraction

Hello My Charmed Ones!

Today is a very exciting day because a fun project that I’ve been working on is FINALLY released for you all to see. I have been working with one of my favorite #BOSSBABES and Planner Guru’s, Haley Cairo of Mae Movement, on some collab videos around the topic of Law of Attraction. We are both MAJOR believers in Law of Attraction and have used it successfully in our own lives and businesses, so we thought it was about time to translate some of the main tenants of the philosophy into a few fun and informative videos.


First up, I definitely think you need to check out the video we did for Haley’s channel called DIY VISION BOARDS | HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT! In this video, we walk you through the steps to creating a FUNCTIONAL vision board using the principles of Law of Attraction. If you thought you knew how to make a vision board already, hold your horses because there is some real SCIENCE behind this that I bet you may not have known about.

Next check out the video we made for my channel called How to Manifest Your Goals In Your Planner Using Law of Attraction! That’s right! This video is all about practical tips for using your planner to help you manifest using Law of Attraction so if you are a planner lover like Haley and I are, you NEED these tips. PLUS, I made a nice little cheat sheet for you to keep with the tips so you don’t have any excuse not to use them for your own manifestation!

I’d love to know how you enjoyed these videos and if you’d like to see more Law of Attraction content with me or if you want Haley and I to do another collab, I’d love your thoughts! Make sure to follow me @MissTrenchcoat and @HaleyCairo on Instagram and of course make sure you are subscribed to both our channels so you don’t miss any future videos!



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