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Learn to Create Beautiful Styled Stock Photography

The Digital Styling Lightroom Styled Stock Photography Course

Are you ready for more followers, greater revenue and complete peace of mind for your brand?

If so, I Invite you to join the Digital Styling Lightroom 

The world’s first and leading Styled Stock Photography Online Course!

What is Styled Stock Photography?

You’ve seen it before, on Instagram, on that blog you love, all over Pinterest! Styled Stock Photography is used by brands and businesses everyday to convey a specific customer experience with their online audience. Essentially, Styled Stock Photography is a form of still-life photography that is used by marketers to help brand build visually online. From immersive visuals on a website to perfectly styled product shots on a ecommerce shop, Styled Stock Photography is the way we sell our brands online visually. The web and social media presents a unique challenge to brands and businesses that Styled Stock Photography solves. On one hand, we can use the power of the internet to connect with more people than ever and share our vision for our brands and products in a matter of moments. But on the other hand, the congestion of the internet and the lack of a real human touch online makes it harder for businesses to stand out and develop a personal connection with their potential customers. This is where Styled Stock Photography comes in. It’s trite, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and the images that you use to convey your brand, business and products to the world is an essential part of developing that personal human connection with your audience.

Learn to Create Beautiful Styled Stock Photography


Maybe… You are a blogger who wants to up level their brand to attract more readers, more sponsors and more opportunities online. 

Perhaps… You are a creative business owner that needs to create eye catching and drool worthy images of their products for social media or their ecommerce shop.

Or… You are an online marketer that wants to build a cohesive, and worry-free brand online!


The Digital Styling Lightroom is the Solution for You!


The Digital Styling Lightroom Styled Stock Photography Course

Why can’t I just take styled photography from online? I see people doing it all the time!

Great question! The Digital Styling Lightroom is a course that was designed to help bloggers, online marketers and creative business owners create a cohesive brand online, and unfortunately, using other peoples images online won’t just hurt your brand, it can also put you in legal trouble! Years ago it was the norm for people to turn to the internet to find images to use in their blog posts or sales pages, but now copyright laws are cracking down on internet fair use and more and more you hear about bloggers or businesses that are being sued for thousands of dollars for using an image without permission. Whenever you use an image that isn’t your own, you are taking a major risk, and I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t want to put my business at risk like that! You may also be familiar that there are now many places online you can go to purchase styled photography. Ever since copyright became a major issue for online brands, photographers and businesses have been popping up all over the place to sell styled stock images to bloggers and business owners. However, the plain fact of the matter is that if you can buy an image from one of these sources, so can anyone else, including your competitors! Remember, the Digital Styling Lightroom is all about building a cohesive band, and you can’t build your own brand and expect it to stand out online if you are using images that anyone can buy sold by photographers that are taking generic styled shots that can appeal to businesses across the board. Your Styled Stock Photography needs to be personalized and branded to YOU!

What you will learn in the Digital Styling Lightroom!

The Digital Styling Lightroom (or DSLR for short) teaches you everything you need to know in order to compose, shoot and edit Styled Stock Photography. The aim of the course is to guide you to create your own Styled Stock Photography Library, a collection of branded images that you can use in a variety of places online to help promote and strengthen your brand. Everyday I need new images for social media posts, blog headers, website banners, product shots and more, and your Styled Stock Photography Library is going to be the most valuable resource you have for your business.

Let me walk you through the course and what you will learn!The Digital Styling Lightroom Styled Stock Photography Course

The Digital Styling Lightroom is a 5 Module Video Course. After you purchase DSLR, you will be given a QuickStart Guide to help you access the Course Members Area where you will find the 5 Video Modules ready for you to hit PLAY! The Members Area is completely mobile friendly, so you can enjoy the course from any internet enabled device.

Module #1: The Fundamentals of Digital Photography will teach you…

• The Equipment I Recommend

• How to Use a DSLR Camera

• Where and when to use Styled Stock Photography

Module #2: How to Create a Set for a Styled Photoshoot will teach you…

• How to get perfect lighting

• The essential elements of a set

• How to brand your set to your business

Module #3: Formal Photography Composition will teach you…

• Classical and modern composition

• Using multiple composition types in an image

• Where to place your props

Module #4: My Exact Styled Photography Workflow will teach you…

• How I set up and shoot my styled images

• The 5 types of styled shots I recommend you have in your Styled Stock Photography Library

• My thought process for composing great images.

Module #5: How to Edit Your Photos & Create Effective Advertisements for Your Business in Photoshop will teach you…

• How to turn your photos into visual graphics for your website or social media

• Common photo editing techniques and adjustments

• How to create popular, eye catching advertisements for your website or ecommerce shop

In total you receive over 3.5 hours of video training from this course!

 The Digital Styling Lightroom Styled Stock Photography Course

Downloads, Course Materials & BONUS CONTENT!

Don’t forget that the Digital Styling Lightroom also comes with a number of downloads and course materials in PDF format to help you make the most of your learning experience! Inside the Members Area you will also find:

• The Course Slides

• The Course Notes

• A Photography Resource Guide

• An Exposure Triangle Cheatsheet

• My Lighting Guide

• A Branded Prop Brainstorm Worksheet

• A Styled Shot Guide

• A Styled Shot Checklist

• A Photoshop Tipsheet

BONUS MODULE #6: Shooting with a Smartphone!

The Digital Styling Lightroom Styled Stock Photography Course

When you purchase the Digital Styling Lightroom today, you will also receive my BONUS Module #6 that is all about how to shoot and edit Styled Stock Photography on a Smartphone!

This was a highly requested module that will give you insight into how I use my smartphone to shoot styled stock photography on the go or when it’s just not convenient for me to get out my dslr camera.

The Digital Styling Lightroom Course is truly a living, breathing course and I am always thinking of ways to improve the course and make it the best it can be! When you purchase the course, future updates are yours automatically inside the Members Area!

Pretty cool, huh?

That’s my commitment to quality and value for you as my student and customer!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase the Digital Styling Lightroom Online Course and get access to all the great information and bonus content today!

Still on the fence? No problem! I’m here to help you decide if this course is right for you, so if you aren’t sure your business will benefit from great styled images, eye catching graphics and perfected product shots, click here to send me an email and we can figure it out together! The best part about my course is that you are never alone- I’m here to help you every step of the way, from deciding to buy to shooting and uploading your glorious images to the web. I’m here to answer your questions and support you through the learning process!