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Planning for Success Master Class

Planning for Success Master Class


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Are you ready to learn my strategies for working smarter, not harder? If you struggle with planning and executing the important projects and tasks in your life, the Planning for Success Master Class is going to teach you my systems, routines and time management techniques for fitting it all in!

    The Planning for Success Master Class includes:

    • • 2 videos, The Master Class and the replay of the initial live Q&A. (Approx 4hours total length)
    • • Master Class Slides Handout
    • • Yearly Goal Worksheet
    • • Priorities to Projects Worksheet
    • • SMART Goal Worksheet
    • • Project Planning Matrix
    • • Project Plan with Notes
    • • System Builder Worksheet
    • • Multi List
    • • Action/Habit Tracker
    • • Planning for Success Journaling Cards
    • • Planning for Success Printable Stickers

    All class materials are in digital PDF form that you can download and print at home as needed!

    What Past Students are Saying

    “The Planning for Success Master Class was so timely for me! I am in constant struggle (more now than ever) with time management and project/tasks all being priority that this class gave me major amounts of tools and guidance that will allow me to gain some sanity again. As a business owner, wife, mother and a person who wants to be all things to most people, this class gave me perspective to what is manageable and plan-able! It has been what is missing in my many years as a professional. I am so glad that I can watch the master class and q & a as much as I want in order to help me build better planning habits. I loved this class and it was time and money well spent! Thank you Alexis!” – Beth, MO

    “The Planning for Success Master Class was a truly great experience! As someone who has run workshops and training, I am in absolute awe at Alexis’ planning, delivery and thoroughness. It has been incredible value for money and I hope that many more will be able to experience this amazing product. I have been given so much information and feel so inspired! Alexis has managed to address most of the organizational, time management and motivational issues that have been plaguing me. I am in-between careers and had hit a dark and sticky rut. This workshop has not only showed me the way forward, it has also turned all the lights on! Many of the concepts were new to me so it has helped to go through the video more than once. It is invaluable that I am able to keep referring to it and I can see how it will all become second nature with some practice. The Q&A session is also extremely interesting. Alexis’ generosity with her time and information sharing are what make her such a great Mentor. I was a fan, now I am a convert! Thank you!!” – Maria, Australia

    “The Planning for Success Master Class was amazing! I have been feeling overwhelmed and almost paralyzed lately in regard to achieving my goals and completing projects. This Master Class provided me with a clear and manageable blueprint that I believe will help me to begin living my life fully again. The value I received from the Planning for Success Master Class was far greater than what I paid for it. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and your time. And, I think your online presence is both impressive and beautiful; how you manage to communicate with complete strangers you can’t even hear or see, with such a high level of compassion and grace, is beyond amazing!” -Cynthia, NV

    Important Additional Information

    Refund Policy: Due to the nature of these items as digital downloads and a video webinar, no refunds will be accepted, so please make sure to check all images and read through descriptions carefully before making your purchase.

    Copyright information: The copyright to all digital download pdf files remains with the designer, Alexis Giostra. Files are intended for personal use by the single purchaser, and may not be copied, shared, distributed or resold.

    Customer satisfaction is of the utmost important to me, and although I do not issue refunds on digital downloads, if you are experiencing any unforeseen issues with your purchase, please notify me immediately via email and I will work with you directly to resolve your issue!