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Frequently Asked Questions!


In order to help you quickly find exactly what you are looking for and help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having with my site and shop, here are a list of frequently asked questions! 

Inserts, Orders & Printables

Q: How do I access my purchase?

If you have placed an order at TheCharmedShop.com and have NOT received your digital files, please check your email for your order receipt from my email, alexis [at] strangecharmed [dot] com. Inside that email you will find a link to download your files. Once I process your order through my system, a second email is generated with your file attachments as well, this is just a duplicate of the initial receipt in case of a tech hiccup within my system. If you have an account on my shop, you can access your files at any time by logging into your account and clicking the link ‘orders’ and selecting the product file you are looking for. If you do not see your order in your account, it is possible you were not logged in during your purchase, but you can email me your receipt or order information and I can apply it to your account for future reference.

IF YOU SIGNED UP FOR A FREE COURSE/WEBINAR/WORKSHOP the shop listing or email attachment from the shop will have more information on the delivery procedure, but generally speaking, you will be emailed the course information via my automated email list within an hour. If you do not receive your course related emails or confirmations (not the same as order receipts) please check your email inbox, spam and junk mail filters for my email address listed above. If you OPTED OUT of my email newsletter during the checkout process, you will NOT receive emails related to courses and my email system does not allow me to opt you back in. If this is the case for you, please checkout from the shop again and be sure to OPT IN to the email newsletter!

Q: Do you print and ship your inserts?

A: No, I do not. All my inserts, sticker designs and graphics are digital files that are intended for you to print at home. If you do not have a printer, you are absolutely allowed to take the files to your local office supply store and have them printed there. I realize that this is a little different than some other planner shops that may ship you printed inserts ready to go, but being completely digital has it’s advantages. You get immediate access to your purchases and can get started playing and planning immediately, and you have unlimited access to the designs so you can print them out as much as you want and use them in all your planners! I realize that this system has its benefits and drawbacks and isn’t for everyone. Because I do not offer refunds on any of my digital products, I highly suggest checking out the other FAQs below for more details and to understand whether printables will work for you!

Q: How do I print and cut your inserts?

A: Each insert comes with a cover sheet of directions on how to print the pages, but I also have a YouTube video here that you can watch and see the process! If you have a duplex printer (meaning your printer can print double sided, you DO NOT need to trouble yourself with the directions on your printables. Instead, in your printer settings, select the range of pages you would like to print, beginning with an even numbered page and ending with an odd numbered page (ex. 2-11), choose the double sided print option and under “layout” in advanced printing options choose short edge binding (for dated calendar inserts and files where the pages are all oriented the same direction) OR choose long edge binding (for inserts where the pages appear to alternate between right side up and upside down) and proceed with printing. Please note that all inserts should be printed at 100% scale UNLESS they are Full Size Letter/A4, which can be scaled OR printed as a booklet.

Q: What printer, paper, trimmer and punch do you recommend for your inserts?

A: My printer: I use an HP OfficeJet.

Paper: In each of my listings I recommend the paper to use for inserts, stickers, wall art and journaling cards. Make sure to check it out for your purchase.

Paper Trimmer: I recommend this one.

Punch: For Filofax style sizes Personal and A5 I recommend this punch. BUT the best thing about my inserts is that you don’t need to use them with a Filofax, Kikki K, Franklin Covey or any other 6 ring binder system. I love and highly recommend the Arc or Discbound System and I have and use their punch. Here is a video on how to make a planner with the arc/discbound system. You can also use an A5 or half letter sized 3 ring binder and the coordinating 3 hole punch for that with my A5 inserts. As you may know, I turned my inserts into a DIY Spiral planner, here is the video if you want to check it out! The options are nearly endless, so don’t think you need to be a Filofax user for my inserts to work for you!

Q: Do you have any inserts that start on a Sunday?

A: At this time I do not. All my inserts begin on a Monday.

Q: When are your FREE monthly inserts available and can I download a past months freebies?

A: Each month I create and share two free inserts on my shop (the monthly dashboard and a monthly to do list!) that are themed to the month ahead. You can download the upcoming months inserts the last week of the previous month, but keep an eye out on my blog because I always announce when the new months inserts are ready for download. When it comes to the previous months lists, when I add the next months inserts, I also take down the previous month because the inserts are time sensitive, and since I always have a few freebies in my shop, I try not to overload it with old months. If you missed a month you were very interested in, make sure to mark your planner for next year because like the Terminator, they’ll be back!

Business & Courses

Q: How do I access the Charmed Biz Digital Resource Library?

A: If you are not familiar, the CharmedBiz Digital Resource Library is a digital library of content and downloads that cover various business and online marketing topics. I frequently create videos that go on my YouTube channel but also create free study guides to help you take notes and optimize your learning that are stored in the library. To access the Digital Resource Library, you can sign up here. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the direct link to access the library and all the related study guides or downloads! If you misplaced your email, let me know and I’ll get you a new copy!

Q: I have a business/blog/Youtube/Instagram and I’d like to work with you, how can I get your help to grow it?

A: Right now, the way that I work with and consult for clients like yourself is through my online business program Empire Building. Empire Building is a self-paced workbook based program where you learn all my strategies for online marketing and learn to apply them to your own business through worksheets and activities! Empire Building has two “paths” one that is a self study and one that involves one to one calls with me! Each gives you access to my private Facebook group with the other program students and you get unlimited Q&A with me there. To read more about the program, click here and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Q: If I purchase one of your courses, how long do I have access to them?

A: I do not have any limits on my courses or masterclasses! You have access to them for as long as they exist on the internet (which I hope is a very, VERY long time)!

Q: I want to start an online shop like you! Do you have any advice to help me get started?

A: Of course, after running my business full time for 2 years I have a lot of advice! If you are serious about getting started, I would highly recommend my Empire Building Program! It’s a great value and the best way to get my one on one attention and learn the specific strategies I used to make my business a success! However, if Empire Building isn’t in the cards for you right now, you should definitely check out my YouTube channel. I have hundreds of videos on Youtube, dozens of which deal with business and online marketing, so start first with my #CharmedBiz Playlist here! Don’t forget to check my blog as well for information, as I blog regularly about different business topics. If you check out my blog and YouTube and still don’t find the information you are looking for, you can send me an email– but keep in mind that in order for me to give you the best and most relevant advice I can, you need to ask me specific questions. Asking for general advice is too vague for me to answer in an email!

Q: How can I learn to take great pictures like yours?

A: I’m always flattered when people love my images because I am a photography nut! I put a lot of time and effort into my images for my blog, shop and social media, and I even put together a whole course that teaches you everything you need to know to get started shooting your own great photos! It’s called the Digital Styling Lightroom or DSLR for short! Click here to learn more about this awesome online course!

These are just some of the many questions I am asked Frequently! Make sure to check this page often to see if I have added any important questions from time to time!