All I got for Christmas {Part 1}

For the past few months I have been desperately needing a new digital camera. My old Samsung is two years old and the lens and features were just no longer cutting it for me with all the digital photography and videotography I have been into lately supporting my blogs. So, one of the gifts I asked for this Christmas was a new digital camera. Now, not just any digital camera of course, but the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Elph that I have been wanting and talking about for the past few months! I debated for a long time over the color I wanted and finally deciding on ‘Gold Tone’ highlighted the item on my Christmas list. Of course Santa, aka Mom, delivered!

So, lets talk about this great little camera, shall we? It is the 8.0 mega pixel model, which I know isn’t the latest technology necessarily since 10.0 mega pixels is in right now, but it really is all I need mega pixel wise, so there was no reason to buy more than I will ever need. So, other features that I find very useful/necessary. The video capabilities of this camera are spectacular. I have been taking videos almost everyday since Christmas and I am constantly impressed with the resolution and sound quality! Expect many, many more videos from me in the near future! The camera has a great image stabilizer as well that was a feature my last camera was completely missing. I hate it when you have a great scene in front of you, but your camera can’t quit seem to focus the shot and you loose out on capturing a great moment, but this camera is totally reliable when it comes to getting the shot the first time! Next, the face sensing technology is phenomenal! Whenever a person in the shot moves, the camera tracks the movement so that it can properly focus. This feature obviously comes in handy with pets and small children– both of which I frequently photograph! Final feature I am going to cover is the automatic image direction sensor that my last camera lacked. I love how I no longer have to worry about rotating my portrait images once I have downloaded them on my computer– the camera does it for me!

So, overall, I am totally pleased with my camera selection and how well this new little shiny gadget is working for me! I am expecting to put together some great home movies with it, so keep an eye out for those!

Tech Mess!

This was the scene at my father’s house yesterday over on the dining room table. Laptops were out and running, gadgets were in use, accessories thrown about, and even some couture was piled in the mess (yes, that is my stepmother’s tweed lavender Chanel tote on the chair)! What can I say, blogging at my dad’s house can get interesting! Notice one of my Christmas presents from daddy this year? Yea, an Airport Express! But we will talk about that a little later!

I Want, I Need, I Love…

This Macbook case!!! This is the Silver Python Laptop Clutch from Violet May and it has to be the most elegant and stylish laptop case I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it also has the largest price tag I have ever seen on a Macbook case- $550! Why is it that tech accessory designers are unable to create chic and feminine cases at an affordable price? Am I asking for too much here?

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Netbook Review: ASUS Eee PC 1000H.

Lucky me! I got my hands on an ASUS Eee PC 1000H this week and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject since I have been a bit enamored with the sleek and compact portable computing power of these little netbooks. As something of a joint birthday and Christmas gift, my aunt wanted to get a laptop so she could take her work files with her on the go, and of course she came to her favorite little techie niece to help her find a good fit. Well, after a needs assessment of what she wanted- Windows XP, a good sized hard drive, portability, and the color green (!)- I decided that she would be the perfect candidate for a netbook. She already has a computer she uses for work, so she didn’t need anything with a lot of bells and whistles; she didn’t care about the lack of a DVD drive, since she wouldn’t be using the machine for anything but toting around her work files and emailing on the go; and she was excited about having a super small laptop that would be a breeze to pack in her tote. Well, I looked around and found her exactly what she wanted, and that ended up being the ASUS Eee PC 1000H. Here are the specs:

10 inch screen
1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor
1 GB of Ram
160 GB Hard Drive
1.3 mega pixel camera built in
Windows XP Home
Sweet Pea Green

Well, the computer just came in this past weekend, and so I have been “testing it out” for my aunt, downloading programs she needs on it, ect, and of course I thought I should share a few observations.

First of all, it is pretty small! Very light, very portable, and fits into an average size handbag- which I love! The downside to this, however, is that it has a very small keyboard, smaller than I expected really. I have small hands myself, and I was having trouble hitting the proper keys when I was typing. The screen as well, seemed so tiny! It is amazing to think that the screen is only a few inches smaller than my Macbook’s screen, and yet it seems half the size! It was definitely large enough to view web pages and such, but you really can only have one thing going on at a time with this screen because there is not much room for multi-tasking!

Second of all, it is a time saver! Now, I don’t know what it is, but this computer is fast. As soon as you turn it on, it is actually, ON! Most PCs I have encountered take a while to boot, but this was up and running in no time at all. On top of that, the battery lasted for what seemed like forever! I used it on and off for two days with a fully charged battery. I cannot even image how useful that sort of battery life could be- there is no thinking about it, once you charge it up, it is good to go!

Lastly, it is loaded! It has two 80GB hard drives which make up the 160 GBs of hard drive space available. It also has a great little web cam built in that was a snap to use. The operating system came with Skype preinstalled, which I loved because this little machine was just aching for attention. It really is a machine made for travelers who don’t mind compromising some features for the portability and ease of use this netbook offers. Honestly, this is the first time I have ever encountered a PC that was ready to use right out of the box, but this one is just very user friendly!

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The Next Sexy Accessory: Netbooks?

The ASUS eee PC line starts at $250

Is it just my imagination or are tiny notebooks taking over the technology market this holiday season? Everywhere I look stores, online retailers and home shopping networks are selling these stylish mini notebook computers that come in every color imaginable with most of the power and functionality of a standard notebook computer. On top of that, nearly every major notebook manufacturer is selling at least one model of these ultra portable, ultra connectible netbooks (the new term for the sub-notebook/ compact laptop/ mini pc- referring to their configuration as a device optimized for internet usage). These little machines might be half the size of a “fully functional” notebook and half the price, but they certainly aren’t half the machine. With 1 GB of memory, 1.3 to 1.6 GHz processors, up to 160 GB hard drives, a weight of less than 3 lbs, and a battery life of up to 8 hours, these netbooks are sub nothing- these are some serious specs.

Dell’s Inspiron Mini starts at $399

Even the fact that you lose out on a DVD drive doesn’t really seem so bad when you think about the mobility of these machines. They have internal wireless 802.11 b/g/n connectivity as well as Bluetooth capabilities, and with mobility like that who needs the ability to burn or watch a DVD? This is the age of email and wireless downloading via iTunes after all. Who needs a physical DVD when you can download movies and music to your machine wirelessly? Who stores files on backup disks when you can use an external USB hard drive or send your files to an online storage solution in the clouds? And who needs to distribute materials via disks or use DVDs to share presentations when email is so efficient and USB flash drives so convenient?

The HP Mini 1000 series starts at $399.99

This new wave of mobile computing is nothing new of course. For years companies have been fighting to find the perfect blend of size and functionality for ultra portable laptops to serve the business class. Of course one of the most notable examples of the ultra portable notebook is the Macbook Air, which was announced by Apple earlier this year boasting its record as the world’s thinnest full size notebook computer. Of course in order to achieve this delicate juxtaposition of slim and full sized, concessions were made: they removed the DVD drive and the hard drive was cut down, although the price of the notebook increased dramatically.

Acer’s Aspire One line is priced at $400

It’s actually pretty ironic that Apple began the crusade supporting the lack of a DVD drive for the Macbook Air and even came out with MobileMe to provide alternative backup solutions for mobile computer users and yet they are still on the full sized, full priced models, while other manufacturers are cutting the same corners and creating more portable and more affordable machines. The Macbook Air is wonderful and all with its thin design and near weightlessness, and even the full size keyboard seems like a must, but all that seems useless when you want a notebook that can fit into your handbag and that 13.3 inch screen just doesn’t make the cut! The prices of these little machines are also unbeatable, with some models starting at as low as $250! Of course the cheap price tag produces allegations that these netbooks might also be cheaply made, but so far no major problems or defects have come to fruition.

HP’s Mini 1000 series Vivienne Tam Limited Edition netbook is priced at $699.99

Of course, just because most of these netbooks are relatively inexpensive does not mean that there are not a few companies maximizing profits with special models. HP for example has come out with what they are calling the “first digital clutch.” This HP Mini series notebook, styled by renowned fashion designer Vivienne Tam, hit the runway this summer as a fashion accessory. Of course this model has a higher price point than the standard Mini series machine and it is a number closer to something you would expect on a full sized, full function notebook computer, but that’s the price of fashion as they say!

The ASUS eee PC S101 line is priced at $699.99

Whatever the make or model, these little netbooks certainly seem to be the next wave of mobile computing technology that has taken over the market. I project that after the New Year we will be seeing much more of these little computers popping up all over the place. College campuses, coffee houses, on flights and trains all across the globe, I have a feeling these little computers are going to make a big splash!

{Prices listed for models are in some cases approximations based on internet prices and are therefore not guaranteed to be accurate or reflect the price of the exact model shown.}
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New Macbook Battery.

As a proud Macbook owner for over two years now, I have continually been impressed by the durability of this machine and the quality of Apple’s computers. I know I have had a few bumps in the road regarding certain hardware, specifically my optical drive that needs to be replaced yearly apparently! But my Apple Care coverage has taken care of all my issues, and I have had my machine upgraded with very little cost to myself. I upgraded the hard drive from 60 to 120 GB, I took my ram up from 2 512MB cards to 2 1GB cards, and now I have finally upgraded the final element lacking in my 2 year old Macbook: the battery.

If you have ever owned a Macbook, or if you currently own one, you know that the Macbook battery doesn’t last very long. I know laptop batteries in general are short lived, and in most cases, the Macbook’s battery is said to last from about 1 1/2 years to 2 years. Well, I have had mine for over two years now, and this is my first replacement battery, so I think I did well. Apple sells a replacement battery for $129, which is probably a small price to pay depending on how often you use your laptop wireless, but I really didn’t want to spend $129, so I do what I always do, shop around. I found alternate Mac product dealers that sold a new battery for less, bringing the price down to about $115 or even $100.

Then, I decided to check eBay for deals, and there I hit the jackpot. EBay is notorious for great deals, and I always try to find a great buy it now price. My goal initially was to find a battery for under $100, and I got more than I expected. While I was searching the Internet for new batteries, I completely forgot about the option to buy refurbished, which I know can be tricky with things like batteries, but if you find a good deal, you can get a great product for a low price, and that is exactly what I found. I found a refurbished Macbook battery for $44 plus free shipping.

Now, when I say refurbished, basically, the casing of this battery is used, you can tell, it looks used like my old battery, but the metal inside and underneath the white plastic is brand new. It appears to be a completely new cell. On top of that, I charged it up and tested it out- while I am connected to wifi, with multiple programs running (Safari pages, Mail, Calendar, Aim) I am getting 3.5 hours on a full charge! That is a tremendous amount of time for online usage! My old battery didn’t last 5 minutes on a web page before I replaced it, so 3.5 hours for $44 is a jackpot for me. Now, I didn’t check to see what the offline time was for the battery, but I am assuming it is something like 5-6 hours if I disconnect from the Internet. So this is basically a new battery in old battery clothing! A fabulous deal I would say!

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Disinfect Your Tech.

With all the thought we put into insuring the safety and security of our digital devices through cases, covers and secure lock boxes, I think too often we forget some other important security measures we should be taking with our tech– cleaning and disinfecting! I mean, how often do you disinfect your frequently used devices with antibacterial cleaners? Well, in case you are someone who does so infrequently, I have made up a sort of how- to guide for cleaning your everyday tech devices so that you keep them clean and bacterial free, securing your health from your favorite toys!

iPod Earbuds

I think ipods might be one of the most popular tech toys on the market today, but I bet there are few of us who take the time to disinfect those iconic white ear buds of ours. You know, those little guys go from our bags, to our ears, to our pockets, back to our ears, to a friends ear and then settle again in a dark pocket or bag, collecting dirt, dust and bacteria and then allowing it to multiply- yuk! So, it is very important that we keep those things clean for our own sake- I mean, hello, they go in our ears!! Luckily, cleaning ear buds is super easy. Just use a q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and rub all over the little guys until you are sure you have sufficiently covered them with enough liquid to kill the germs, but not so much that you’re going to cause them damage. Definitely don’t dip your ear buds into any liquid or use any of those antibacterial gels to clean them! Make sure to dry off any excess liquid with a napkin or tissue, and viola- clean ear buds!


As someone who owns an Apple Mighty Mouse, I know how important it is to keep your peripherals clean in order for them to function properly. For those of you know do not understand this reference, what I am suggesting is that the Mighty Mouse, because of the small rubber scrolling ball in the center, frequently stops working because it essentially becomes clogged with dirt and debris. So, basically, I am used to cleaning my mouse from time to time, as we all must, however, do we just clean off the visible dirt or do we take the time to disinfect. Luckily, cleaning a mouse is a bit easier than cleaning a delicate piece of tech such as ear buds. Basically, you can do one of two things to disinfect your mouse; 1) spray it with a disinfectant such as Lysol or 2) use a disinfectant wipe or soapy paper towel to wipe it clean. Because mice are usually made of thick plastic, rubber, or metal they can hold up to a bit more moisture, so you don’t need to worry about liquid seeping into small crevices and causing electrical issues with your device, which is particularly useful because we put our dirty hands all over those mice day in and day out!


Our computer keyboards are another piece of tech that we have our hands on A LOT! I think everyone has heard the horrible and disgusting facts about how much bacteria is on the human hands daily and we are just constantly moving that bacteria to our keyboards. Now, keyboards are another piece of tech that I would deem a little too delicate for copious amounts of disinfecting liquids or sprays, but a disinfecting wipe should be just enough moisture to clean the keys and keyboard area without causing drainage into the innards of the device. Keyboards are one of those things that can really be ruined by too much liquid, but a little can go a long way in terms of cleaning and removing bacteria without causing circuit board issues or eroding electrical parts!

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Review: Isis Dei ‘Goldfish’ Case for Macbook.

Friday afternoon my new Macbook case arrived in the mail (very fast shipping from Utah to the East Coast) and as promised I have taken a few pictures to post and with them I will add a bit of a review for those of you who are interested. As far as I know, this is one of the first reviews of this product (I can’t find any others) and I think I may have been one of the first to order this case! So, I hope my eagerness over receiving it is a benefit to those of you who are looking for a good case for your laptop, or were even thinking about an Isis Dei case but haven’t seen many good reviews of their products. I am going to write this review with the aid of my pictures, so hopefully you get the idea of how this case works- its positives and negatives- as though you yourself were opening it up for use for the first time.

Exterior Design and Durability, 3 out of 5:

This first picture (above) shows the exterior of the case. As I may have mentioned in my previous post, this is a memory foam cover style case that functions as a sleeve case for travel protection (you can put your Mac inside and then tote it around in another bag), as well as an everyday protective cover. Right now as I type this my Mac is securely inside the case, safe from debris or dirt that might possibly stick to it.

Obviously from the name, you can tell that the design is a goldfish print of sparkling koi scales that wrap around a majority of the case. One thing that differed from the images I found on Isis Dei’s website is that this case is actually more white than gold. The case itself seems to be a plain white memory foam case, screen printed with the koi scale design, embellished with the Isis Dei logo and specialty zipper (we will get to that later). The quality of the exterior design of the case is a solid ‘good’ on the scale from ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’ (poor, fair, good, excellent being the scale) as it is free from flaws for the most part, but I fear that with use the gold might begin to flake off as screen printed objects tend to do. The care directions say to spot treat this case and not wash it, obviously because you would run the risk of damaging the print. Actually, when I received the case in the mail there were small areas where the design looked like it had been damaged slightly in transit, and I fear that the design on the case might damage easily if it were to get scratched. This has nothing to do with the protection abilities of the case, but I still think its worth mentioning that if you are someone who will not take care to make sure the case is protected, you run the risk of doing damage to the exterior design.

Protection and Functionality, 4 out of 5:

Now, in terms of protection and not pure aesthetics, this is a ‘good/excellent’ on the quality scale. This is memory foam 5 mm thick, I believe, and it does a great job of cushioning the laptop while it is inside. I love how you can push your finger into the foam, feel it compress under your finger and then watch it bounce slowly back to place. I have been doing this a lot this weekend, and I have to say it gets an ‘excellent’ rating for that, since it has never failed to return to its original form after I compress it. Where it gets a less than ‘excellent’ protection rating is in the dimensions of the case. When my laptop is securely inside and all zipped up in place, the case still seems a little too big, as if my Mac can move around in there. Basically, it’s not as tight a fit as a sleeve cover would be, but this might be because the style of the case functions as protection when the laptop is open inside of it, as well as when it is closed, and therefore an unavoidable requirement for the dimensions. If so, I understand it is necessary to forgo the exact fit for functionality (as I did get this case to function as a protective cover as well as a sleeve for portability). However, it still bums me out!

Now, here is a detail image of the side of the case as it is opened by the zipper. As you can see the zipper hardware is personalized with the Isis Dei name and logo in a matching gold color. This is a nice touch of course, as details matter to me! This picture also does a great job of illustrating something I mentioned earlier; that the case is more white in color than I expected. Mostly, because it has a thick white zipper 3/4ths the way around the case. I am not thrilled about this, I wish it had been gold instead of white or that the design was able to continue onto the zipper. The images on the website seem to suggest that the koi scale design continues past the face of the cover and really makes no indication of the white pipping either. Another element of the case captured by this image is the width of the zipper on either side as it unzips. As you can see, the top portion of the zipper is thicker than the lower portion- this is because when the case opens, the upper lip ( I will call it; the fold of material that keeps the zipper from scratching the machine) is thicker than the lower- so that the ports of the Mac are accessible while the machine is in use. Now, this is an ‘excellent’ feature of the case because you need to be able to access the ports while the case is in use!

Now, there is one downside to the fact that the lower lip is thinner than the upper lip of the zipper, and that is the fact that there is nothing keeping the bottom of the case attached to the Mac itself. As the next photo and this one above also illustrates, there is a thin flexible strap of elastic that keeps the screen of the mac connected to the top of the case, however, the lack of a similar strap on the bottom really ends up creating a functionality and protection problem. I think I might end up sewing on a strap myself to each of the bottom corners so that there is something keeping the bottom of the case connected to the laptop- I like to carry and move my laptop around and I don’t like that the bottom of the case pulls away from the machine


The funny thing is, the top straps aren’t even necessary because the upper lip actually bends over the corners of the screen, keeping it in place without the use of the straps. So really, they should have just put those elastic straps on the bottom because the top stays up fine on its own!

Additional Features, 5 out of 5:

Finally, as you can see in this image, the ports of the case are all accessible while the Mac is in use. This is one of the best features of the case, and what really sets it apart from other cases, including those that Isis Dei has made previously. There is actually one more ‘excellent’ feature about this case that I almost neglected to mention- the heat disbursement! I don’t know exactly how this works, but apparently this case is equipped with some new form of heat dissipating material (I guess the foam??), so you can keep the laptop in the case and on your lap and not receive the usual second degree burn. I am really loving this feature because I love to keep my Mac on my lap when I work, but I always end up needing something between me and the Mac- this eliminates that problem altogether!

Now, I would like to make some sort of concluding remark on the case overall and also respond to something that Isis Dei says about this case on their site. They call this one of their first “luxury” cases, and I am at odds with that term, personally. I do think that they added a few elements to this case that make it more functional (access to ports and heat disbursement) and also more aesthetically pleasing (pretty koi print and nice golden hardware), but I feel as though the quality overall was not something I would describe as luxurious. However (!), when you take into consideration the fact that this case was only $32 -I paid more than that for my old, less functional, and less attractive neoprene sleeve- I think you are certainly getting a lot for your money and would fully recommend this case to others!

{You can buy this case here}
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Macbook Magnets.

I am definitely one of those people who is always the last to know about everything, so it comes as no surprise that I just discovered a new amazing solution to the problem of my apple earbuds always hanging off my desk while plugged into my mac. So, basically, there is a magnet inside the earbuds and inside the screen of my macbook, and when you put them together, they stick! No more hanging earbuds that tangle up, or worse, risk the wrath of my curious puppy! I know this might be a minor solution for anyone with the same problem, but I hope this helps. I have even included a picture for your viewing pleasure!
Oh, and by the way, this doesn’t mess anything up on either your earbuds or your macbook. I made sure to look into that with a mac genius buddy of mine!
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Pilgrimage to Macca.

Over Christmas, I went to visit a good friend of mine in NYC to see the sights and do the whole tourist thing! I have been to the city about a million times before- half of my family is from NY- but this was the first trip I took since the new Apple Store on 5th Avenue was built! Of course being a total Apple Fangirl I HAD to go and take a visit! Here is a little movie I made documenting the visit! Enjoy!
Tech seen in this video: Pink Speck SeeThru Macbook Case and Purple Ipod Nano 3rd Generation.

Apple Store Adventure from Miss Trenchcoat on Vimeo.

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