5 Reasons Snapchat isn’t Just for Teenagers Anymore

5 Reasons Snapchat isn't just for teenagers anymore

5 Reasons Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers anymore

Are you using Snapchat yet? Although I have had my Snapchat account for a while, it wasn’t until a little earlier this year that I really got into the platform. For a while, I, like everyone else, thought it was just a fad app for teenagers. That is what it seemed like, but now a few years and a bunch of hype later, the platform really seems to be exploding and you’d be surprised that it’s really shaping up to be a valuable entertainment and community building platform for adults and businesses alike. So, today I want to share with you the 5 reasons Snapchat isn’t just for teenagers anymore, and share some of my insights for why this platform is so popular and fun for businesses and adult users as well!

It’s like instant vlogging

Vlogging has seriously grown in popularity in the last few years thanks to YouTubers who took the concept of “follow me around” videos and turned it into it’s own genre of reality tv. But for as long as their has been vlogging, there have also been the struggle of vloggers to produce engaging content about their daily life quickly and easily. A whole sub market of goods has been developing to help people vlog, from selfie sticks to cameras with front facing LCD screens- vlogging is hard work and vloggers are always searching for new technology to make it easier. Well, enter Snapchat! A platform that gives you the ability to quickly capture video and images in real time to share with your following. It’s like the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes and for me personally, that is what I use snapchat for myself. I am not a daily vlogger, but with Snapchat, I can easily share snippets of my daily life with my followers. And more and more, the people I choose to watch on the platform are people who do the same!

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Real time updates mean you can promote organically in real time

It terms of running a business, snapchat is also a great way to promote to your audience in real time. One of the most inauthentic parts of running a business and doing promotions is certainly the fact that everything needs to be done “ahead of time.” Promotions are prepackaged, emails are scheduled, posts are queued up. Nothing is left for that organic, in the moment reaction. Unless you use Snapchat! By building a following on Snapchat, you can tap into more organic promotion by sharing things as they happen in real time and optimizing your content for real life events. And since the content on the platform is on a timer, you can do things like run flash sales for a short window of time and by the time the promotion expires, so has your content!

Everyone from celebrities, to entrepreneurs to your favorite brands are using it

I remember back in 2014 when I first signed up for Snapchat myself, and even before that, the joke was that Snapchat was for teenagers to text each other funny/naughty/controversial things without the content being permanently out there for everyone to see or archived in some dark part of the internet to creep back up later and bite you in the butt! But now, it’s a fun platform where not only adults are enjoying and sharing, but we also see a variety of celebrities, entrepreneurs and brands active on the platform as well.

It gives your community personal access to you in a controlled environment

One of the things I love about Snapchat from a business standpoint is how it gives my audience instant access to me without me feeling like I’m putting too much information out there. My audience can send me snaps and ask me questions very easily through the app and get personal messages back from me that are part of a private conversation between the two of us. It’s easier than email because you are able to send just a short message or quick picture if you please, it’s better than twitter if you want to keep your conversation private, and it’s simpler than Facebook messaging because you don’t have to go through that whole platform to use it! I also like the fact that I can see who has viewed my snaps and who has taken a screenshot of them. It makes the whole process more transparent but also creates a private environment at the same time.

It’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it

Snapchat is a relatively easy platform to learn, as it really only allows you to do a few specific things. If you are interested in learning the platform for yourself, I created a whole video demonstration walking you through how to use the app if you are a beginner. Check that out below and make sure to follow me on Snapchat, my username is MissTrenchcoat of course!

So, will you be joining me on Snapchat or have you already joined the platform? I’d love to hear your experience with the app and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!



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1 comment on 5 Reasons Snapchat isn’t Just for Teenagers Anymore

  1. Brianna
    July 5, 2016 at 12:07 pm (2 years ago)

    I’m on snapchat too, and it’s definitely an interesting platform to use. Since I’m a smaller blogger/YouTuber, I find it significantly harder to obtain Snapchat followers as opposed to Instagram, but I love how you can use it for a “what I’m doing right now”


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