3 Business Books in my Audible Queue

3 Business Books in my Audible Queue

Many of you have been asking me about the business books I am currently reading as I have made some passing suggestions and mentions of books in my Audible queue in different posts and videos over the past few weeks. Today I wanted to share with you the 3 business books that are currently in my audible queue, because as many of you know, I prefer to listen to audio books than to read. I just get more enjoyment and I feel like I complete more books when I listen to them as opposed to making time throughout my day to stop what I am doing and read. I’ve also gotten a few questions about how I like Audible and if I’m affiliated with them since I do talk about them whenever I talk about books pretty much!

To answer that first, I do happen to love Audible. For a long time I was resistant to the idea of signing up to Audible because it is subscription based and for some reason I was under the impression that any books you downloaded through your subscription to Audible would be lost if and when you canceled your subscription, but I was very pleased to discover that this is not the case. Once you download an audiobook, it’s yours, no matter if you cancel your subscription! This really eased my mind and so I did sign up for a monthly plan where I get two credits per month for something like $22.95 a month and I do find that I use the credits and finish books at a faster rate using Audible. Plus, Audible ends up having lots of sales on specific books and genres all the time, so not only will I get the two credits a month to use on my account (they do roll over as well, it’s not use them or loose them on a monthly basis) but I do buy one off books at discounted prices pretty frequently. I use my credit towards books that are newer or cost more than $11.50 (as thats essentially the price I am paying for a book with my credits) and if there is a sale and a book I want is $5.99 or something inexpensive like that, I will jump on the price and save my credits for a full price read. It works out pretty well for me!

I am also not directly affiliated with or sponsored by Audible. I know some people have direct relationships with Audible and have special membership codes to distribute where they get a cut of sales when people sign up, but that’s not me. I do, however, get a small commission from Amazon because I am an Amazon Affiliate and Amazon owns Audible. I’m not exactly sure how it works out, but when you sign up for a free trial through one of my links, I do get a few dollars, and if you buy a book through audible (I believe at face value price, not using credits) I get the same Amazon commission I would get if you purchased a physical copy of the book! So I am affiliated by proxy with Audible, but this isn’t a situation where I am sponsored or work with them directly to promote their services. I share about Audible because I do use it (and pay full price for my membership) and I only tell you about books I have read or purchased and I think are worth your time to check out as well! And that’s what I’m here to share with you today because I know many of you are like me and are on a quest for as much knowledge as possible, especially when it comes to business and personal development!

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

So this book is one that I have recently just finished in my Audible queue and I knew you would want to know about it because it’s often touted as being a must read for entrepreneurs and I definitely agree. The book begins with the premise that a staggering number of small businesses fail in their first year of business and more fail even by the five to ten year mark as well. Gerber explains that the reason for this is that entrepreneurs start businesses out of a desire to work for themselves but then end up creating businesses where they are an employee and have to take on a tremendous amount of work to keep the business going. Eventually, these employee minded entrepreneurs burn out and close up shop. So, Gerber outlines the key business strategies that differentiate successful entrepreneurs and business owners from their failed counterparts and outlines the changes you can make to ensure the solvency of your business for the long term.

The E-Myth Revisited deserves all the praise it’s received and then some! I was so glad to find that I myself was at least approaching my business from the right mindset, however, hearing Gerber’s suggestions for running a sustainable business really helped me to clarify some big picture questions I had been struggling with recently in my own business.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Essentialism is an audiobook that I am currently in the middle of listening to so I have not finished the book to the point where I can give a full review, but if the second half is as good as the first half, I can rest safe in my opinion that this book is also an essential read for not just business owners, but anyone who feels overwhelmed with their life. If you haven’t already heard about this book, it explains that in order to do our best work and perform at our highest levels of productivity, we must only do those items that are essential to our life and work. McKeown goes through some great examples and case studies supporting why less is really more and squashes some terrible business myths that have really been causing workers to underperform due to job stress which could very well be costing a tremendous amount of money to our economy in lost productivity.

If you come from a traditional corporate business structure, you should really read this book and hopefully free yourself from some self-imposed shackles that are most likely eating away at your time and your life. But I also believe that even an overwhelmed stay at home mother can get benefit from this book, it’s not just for a working professional!

Louder Than Words by Todd Henry

Louder Than Words is the most recent book on my Audible queue, and I haven’t actually started on this one yet, but I still wanted to share this with you. Todd Henry has written a few other best sellers like Die Empty and The Accidental Creative which have received heaps of praise. Personally, I haven’t read his previous works, however, the concept of this book really spoke to me as I am always trying to learn the best way to communicate with my audience and spread awareness of my products and services in a natural and engaging manner. I honestly can’t wait to finish Essentialism so I can start on this book. I guess I could start on this book now, but I have found that I do get more from these books when I listen to one at a time because my mind doesn’t have to remember which book discussed which topics.

If you have read any of these business books, I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have some feedback on Louder Than Words. In the meantime, if you would like to sign up for Audible, I do have a special sign up link that gives you two free audiobook downloads as opposed to one when you sign up for their 30-Day trial. Again, just sharing this with you because you’re my friends and I want to make sure you get a deal!



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3 comments on 3 Business Books in my Audible Queue

  1. Mandy
    September 12, 2015 at 2:49 am (2 years ago)

    Love seeing and hearing your book suggestions!

  2. Patty
    September 14, 2015 at 11:28 am (2 years ago)

    I just purchased Essentialism and put the other two on my wish list. I can’t wait to listen to them!

  3. Cheryl
    October 14, 2015 at 2:50 pm (2 years ago)

    I love audible, I also get to read more books this way as I can listen to them whilst doing mindless tasks. I will add these to my reading list as I’m always up for learning new things. I usually use audible for learning books rather that leisure books as I do love curling up on the sofa and read a nice story when I have the time!



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